This is my entry for the Triple Trijam 2020. I choose the theme Chain Reaction.
My inspiration came from the japanese game Magical Drop (マジカルドロップ).

Use the keyboard to play. The keys can be changed in the settings.


  • Make a game that can be played with WASD, ZQSD, Arrow Keys, and IJKL
  • Make a game in a genre you've never made a game in before!
  • Make a game with a main menu! In a game jam! WOW!!


  • Created with Construct 3. 
  • Music Loops by Timofey Rostilov from the Noun Project
  • Medula One Font by LatinoType
  • Monotalic Font by Nikola Kostić

Third entry after 3+4+3=10 hours: Play Chain Reaction (10 hours)

Second entry after 3+4=7 hours: Play Chain Reaction (7 hours)

The test took me more time than I thought. There are still a couple of bugs that I can't solve. But I've already used an hour longer than I should. In the next few hours I will have to add sounds and create a menu (to choose the level of difficulty and the controls to use). I would also like to have a ranking of the best results. But I don't know if I will have the time.

First entry after 3 hours: Play Chain Reaction (3 hours)

In the first 3 hours I created the assets and the basic movement. Score and Winner/Lose conditions are still missing.

StatusIn development
AuthorStrani Anelli
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Chain Reaction - 481 kB


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This is a pretty straightforward and neat game. I was a little confused as to the rules and the menu system was rather rough, but the gameplay was a good idea and handles well. I wound up with some wonky controls because the menu just left half way through me setting up my controls.

Thank you

Yes, without a tutorial it is complicated to understand the purpose and operation. And yes, the menu is a bit bugged.

I'm waiting for the triple trijam votes to end, and then I'll try to fix it